Theresa Andreas-O’Leary

Theresa Andreas-O’Leary is a self-taught painter from Portland, Oregon. She has worked in all paint media, but has focused on acrylics for its vibrant color and translucency. Many of her compositions reflect the scenes found while living in Europe and South Africa. She returned to Oregon in 2000, painting and displaying her work. She has been involved in community art projects, Forest Hills Elementary and Lake Oswego Junior High Art Literacy Programs and private commissions.

As Terri says, “I brush my paint into light circles, leading you through my work as I see the path form.  Light used as an element, enhances the season, time and space in my compositions.  Layering contrasting striations creates depth producing vibration of color.  I want the viewer to see my thoughts and then, interpret with their own.  I hope my work evokes emotion and connection to your inner child.  It is through the brush, I remain.”

A selection of awards, publications and distinctions for Terri  include: 2012: Lake Area Artists Show, Honorable Mention, “Warm Fields”; 2011 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, Blue Ribbon, “Storm Medley”; 2010 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, Honorable Mention, “Touch the Sky”; and 2009 Lake Area Artists Show, Best in Show, “Kaleidoscope Firs.”

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