Pam Stoehsler

Pam Stoehsler portrays close encounters with nature, and gives you a view of wildlife not often seen by casual observer. Her exquisitely detailed and realistic portraits of birds and animals bring to life nature’s secret moments.

She grew up in the small northern California town of Adin, where country living prevailed and wildlife was abundant. Pam now lives in Oregon’s Klamath Basin, the west’s largest flyaway for northern birds migrating to California and Mexico, offering a unique opportunity to photograph and observe a large variety of birds and other wildlife.

A selection of awards, publications and distinctions for Pam include:  1995 and 1996 winner of the Oregon Upland Game Bird Stamp; 1997 California Upland Game Bird Stamp; and 2000-2001 and 2002-2003 California’s Upland Game Bird Stamps.