Mike Bryant

Throughout his youth and into his teens, Mike Bryant was exposed daily to nature and the indigenous wildlife of the Oregon outdoors. He soon began to realize that this exposure was to trigger a love for art and the inner beauty of all things. Slowly he began to see nature coming out in other ways; as wildlife shapes began to form in trees, rocks, and other various mediums. His first sculpture was out of a juniper stump and became a lamp he gave to his brother as a wedding gift. Soon, more works emerged, birds, horses, bobcats, bear, fish, and more soon became part of his work.

The artists says, “The actual process of carving, shaping, and smoothing the character into these lifelike pieces is my personal connection to nature and to the sculpture. But, what I really love, is watching the reaction of people as they look and feel these creations, demonstrating that mankind can form an affinity with nature through my sculptures.”
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