Kathleen Schildmeyer

Kathleen Schildmeyer begins her artwork by laying down a texture with gesso or collage elements from the recycle bin. Often she starts her work referencing small loose sketches made on location to get the essence of a time and place. She loves the first big smears of color on a white canvas, wild and untamed. Painting is a constant discovery for Kathleen and a she feels she shares a partnership with the medium. Kathleen uses oils, acrylics and watercolors in her work. With each of these mediums she uses a similar process of scraping paint with old credit cards, palette knives and sticks. In her work, removal of paint is a key element. Simplicity is what she strives for.

Her paintings are inspired by nature. The moods of them evoked by clouds, wind and sun are interpreted using color and texture. When she’s in the process of painting she pulls the experience of sensations into her work; things that are felt more than seen- music, the wind, a dream. The layering of textures often makes reference to another time and place. There are hints of these unseen elements throughout her work.

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