Claudia Schouten

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“Textures. Moments. Relationships. And the complexities of the way they overlap and interact. This is what my work is all about.

I am fascinated by the human wake. Like vessels redirecting the surface tension of water, our relationships, whether long and intimate, fleeting, or even simply a near encounter often affect us in myriad ways, binding to us, becoming part of our own wake. The movement of water, in all its various ways, is not unlike the passage of time and the interlacing patterns of relationships. This is why strands of connectivity and water are major themes in my work.

I use wood for the basis of my work and allow a trace of the grain to become part of the finished piece. I use a variety of media in between layers of resin. Each piece has different components, depending on the subject matter and how playfully exploratory I feel. I primarily paint with traditional and sumi-e watercolor. In addition, I may use acrylic and spray paint, pencil, ink, fiber, glue, and pearlescent pigment. I mix the paint and/or resin ranging from translucent to opaque. The reveal under different sources of light creates a work that is highly dynamic and transformative.”

To learn more about Claudia Schouten and to see examples of her work visit:

Call the Favell Museum at 541.882.9996 to inquire about purchasing.

"Drifting" mixed media with resin 16.5x8  |  $400

“Drifting” mixed media with resin 16.5×8 | $400

"Halcyon" mixed media with resin 48x24  |  $3400

“Halcyon” mixed media with resin 48×24 | $3400

"On the Rocks" mixed media with resin 11x14  |  $475

“On the Rocks” mixed media with resin 11×14 | $475

"Divergent" mixed media with resin 24x48  |  $3400

“Divergent” mixed media with resin 24×48 | $3400

"Midsummer Night's Dream" mixed media with resin 18x24  |  $1295

“Midsummer Night’s Dream” mixed media with resin 18×24 | $1295