Art and Culture Come Together

The Favell Museum is a very special place where art and culture come together.

Over 100,000 Indian artifacts, illustrating the lives of indigenous tribes from around the world are on display. The primary focus is on Native American tribes. Collections dating from 12,000 years ago include thousands of arrowheads, obsidian knives, spear points, primitive ancient stone tools, native clothing, intricate beadwork, basketry, pottery and more. The museum is home to an incredible fire opal arrowhead.

The collections on display suggest the richness and variety of cultures no longer here. They illustrate how creative and adaptive the native people were. The artifacts give visitors a feel for what it must have been like for the early Native Americans to survive and thrive in Southern Oregon, on the Columbia River and along the west coast of the U.S.  Artifacts from tribes that lived in Peru, Alaska, and many places in-between are represented.

*Chief Red Cloud – Lakota” by Joseph Macy