Angelita Surmon

Angelita Surmon is a Portland, Oregon artist who is currently painting the local landscape. Although her first love is painting, she recently began experimenting with a process called “Painting with Light” which uses frits (ground glass), powdered glass and stringer (slender glass rods) to create images on sheets of is it legal to buy viagra online.

Angelita’s current paintings on canvas and fused glass are derived from her frequent walks through the local and regional forests and wetlands close to home. Movement in branches, the play of light, and the contrast of textures are what most capture her attention as she revisits each place over the change of seasons. Her glasswork and paintings capture nature’s lush foliage and gradation of rich colors. Her goal is to make something beautiful, meditative and thoughtful.

Angelita’s art has been featured in numerous one person and group exhibitions throughout Oregon and across the country.

Artist Statement – When I am walking in the woods, I am nowhere but there. I am in the moment, and the noise and speed of everyday life is somewhere else. I find a respite from the normal chaos and can be just there, exploring the variations of color and line, texture and movement. I can hear birds, frogs and rain, and take in the verdant scent of the forest. When I make art, I am also in the moment, and my focus is to bring my sense memories of the woods into the imagery so that I can find that respite again.

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