About the Museum

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Strattera 40 mg weight loss About Gene Favell

Eugene and Ruth Favell lived in high desert of southeastern Oregon. Affected by the drought of the 1930′s, small lakes in the area began to dry up. Wind began to blow across the desert, revealing ancient stone tools. Eugene and Ruth, along with their son Gene, discovered an interesting hobby.

The family would drive out in the desert, while Gene, riding on the running board of their car, would scan the countryside looking for artifacts.

Gene’s parents always impressed upon him the need to give back to his community. His father’s favorite saying was “Service to your community is the rent you pay for living in it.”

While still a senior in high school, Gene enlisted in the Navy, closely following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and served until 1947, when he entered Stanford University to major in economics and American history. It was there that he met Winifred Lamm. They were married in 1949.

Gene’s love of the outdoors and artifact collecting were a natural. He spent over 30 years pursuing his interest with his family and friends. His collection outgrew the Favell home. Remembering the lessons taught to him by his parent about service to community and the need to give back, Gene and Winifred began planning a museum. Their dream was realized on April 15, 1972, with the ribbon cutting.

In the late 1970′s the Favells began attending Western art shows and traveling in search of new acquisitions. The collections were upgraded constantly with major notable artists. Not only did the paintings come into the museum, the artists came with them, especially during the annual anniversary show.

Following Gene’s death in 2001, the museum was re-organized as a private, non-profit organization.


Strattera missbruk Gift Shop & Prints

Our one-of-a-kind gift shop is home to a large inventory of prints that are available for purchase. Artists include James Bama, John Clymer, Bev Doolittle, Don Hummel, Frank McCarthy, William S. Phillips, Ina Pruitt, C.M. Russell, Howard Terpning & many more.

The gift shop also features Oregon-made gifts, jewelry (including Southwestern turquoise), books, beadwork, and a variety of beautiful consignment items from local artists.